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Challenger 300
Super Mid Jet

Passenger Capacity: Passengers
Cruising Speed: 470 mph
Range: 3100 NM
Length: 27.1 Feet
Width: 7.2 Feet
Height: 6.1 Feet
Lavatory Stye: Full
Baggage Capacity: 106 Cubic Feet

Bombardiers Challenger 300 aircraft was the first in the super-midsize business jet category to challenge the standard with its clean sheet design. After extensive research to achieve customers business goals, the aircraft was crafted for true U.S. coast-to-coast range and features unmatched room in which to conference and work. The Challenger 300 aircraft holds five over-water and transcontinental U.S. records, but this aircraft does not rest on its laurels. It leads the super-midsize class in all-around economics, offering enduring value through its advanced on-board technologies and efficiency.