Empty Leg Flights – What are they and how to book one

Did you know that you could find get deals and save money on private jet travel? Flying direct air travel is made more affordable with empty leg flights. Find out what they are and how to book with this guide on empty leg flights, which is considered the best option for safe and private flying in 2020.

What are Empty Leg Flights?

Let's say you book a one-way flight with a private jet. The aircraft will take you from point A, the base airport of your departure, to point B, your destination. The aircraft then flies back to point A, the base airport, without any travelers. The returning flight is referred to as "repositioning". An empty leg flight, also known as "empty leg", is when an aircraft is repositioning or on a returning trip back to its home base or original location, following a one-way private jet charter flight. In order to prepare for a new booking air charter, the aircraft will have to make a return trip back to its base location, hence, an empty leg flight. To deduct the costs of empty legs, air carriers offer and make these flights available at a discounted price. They do this because they recognize that it is difficult to find passengers given the pre-determined destination, route, available number of seats, and time for the aircraft repositioning following a private flight. This is a great option for passengers who want to experience a first-class private flight at competitive, market-friendly prices.

How to book an Empty Leg Flight?

Booking empty leg charter flights is among the best options for those who want to travel in 2020 while saving some money. Private jets charter operators list the details (like the departure date, time) of available empty leg flights online. You could search their website or access their app for more details, such as the price. You may directly contact them through email for more information. But then, how much do empty leg flights cost? Although the exact amount and pricing depend on the route and aircraft operator (among other details), the cost would typically have up to a 50%-70% discount on the usual private charter price. The pricing may also be negotiable depending on the air carrier.

Although charter flights' empty legs are great options for passengers, there are some things you need to consider. Empty legs depend on the booked private jet charter flight. The flight may be delayed or subject to last-minute changes depending on the passenger. The time and schedule of the flight can easily change. Aside from that, empty legs often have limited available routes due to the specific destination of that charter flight and the type of aircraft used for travel. The type of air carrier or aircraft is taken into consideration to evaluate whether a flight could be accommodated towards a particular location.

An empty leg flight is a new and great way for people to fly in 2020. Not only do you get a chance to travel to another city through a private jet, but you also get to do it at a much affordable price. To request a quote and learn more information, you may contact Velocity Jets at 866-575-JETS (5387) or through email at info@velocityjets.com.