Discover the advantages of the Jet Card by VelocityJets

Jet Card by VelocityJets

VelocityJets offers the greatest flexibility in the industry with a jet card program that exceeds all your travel needs. Simply purchase 25 or 50 hours and gain immediate access to light, mid, super-mid and large-cabin aircraft. VelocityJet Card members enjoy all the benefits that come with fractional ownership without the upfront investment, long-term responsibilities, rigid scheduling and any exit fees that come with selling your fractional share.

We provide our members with guaranteed pricing and access to aircraft ranging from light to heavy jets. VelocityJet Card members only pay for occupied flight hours, not the time spent positioning the plane before or after a flight.

As a VelocityJets Card member, enjoy the ability to book your private jet travel with one call. Tell us about your journey, and we'll take care of the rest.

866-575-JETS (5387)

Benefits of the VelocityJet Card include:

  • Simple and competitive "all-in" hourly rates per aircraft class
  • Guaranteed availability with no peak travel time surcharges
  • Your choice of travel on a light, midsize, super-mid or large cabin aircraft on a trip-by-trip basis with no interchange fees

Other benefits include:

  • No ground hold or wait time fees
  • Departure time is when you request it
  • Our jet card has no entry or cancellation fees & is 100% refundable
  • Super-mid jet option with guaranteed hourly rates
  • Fuel surcharge included in hourly rates
  • No overnight fees
  • No peak time travel surcharge
  • One PERSONALIZED program built around your travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations and aircraft preferences
  • Multiple aircraft types to choose from
  • The VelocityJet Card is a simple & straightforward program, it's the hourly rate multiplied by the number of emplaned hours plus FET tax or international fees, which ever applies