5 Famous New York Private Jet Airports

The city that never sleeps is arguably one of the hottest destinations in the world. Famous for the scenic spots and vast culture that it holds, New York City is an exciting place to be for tourists and locals alike. You would not want to miss a trip to NYC because its attractions are for everyone - Broadway shows, fashion and shopping, museum and parks, even just eating and drinking, you will surely enjoy being in the big apple.

New York City is packed with people day in and out. While there is a growing number of residents in New York and its outskirts, most people still need to take commercial flights into NYC.

There are a couple of commercial airlines and airports that are well-known here, especially John F Kennedy International Airport which is in Queens, a little bit from midtown Manhattan. John F Kennedy International Airport is the go-to for most tourists whether you are flying in from within the United States or from another country.

However, more and more people have been taking another form of aviation into New York - and these are private jets or charter flights. Renting your own aircraft is obviously an expensive luxury. But New York City is one of the richest cities in the world so it should come as no surprise that many of its local airports welcome private jet flyers on the daily. Flying in a private jet used to be an exclusive luxury but it is now more accessible than ever.

Where do private jets land in NYC?

You may be wondering which airports offer services for private charter flights. Since JFK is a largely commercial airport, it is not the ideal pick of private jet flyers.

We will list down the five famous airports within or near New York City that private jets usually land.

Teterboro Airport (TEB/KTEB)

TEB Airport in New Jersey is the most popular out of all airports that cater to private jet charter flights. Located just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, this is the best choice for private flyers who are headed off to Manhattan for some business work or a big event.

Teterboro Airport is strictly a private jet airport so it is more favorable to VIPs who are always on-the-go. However it is surrounded by residential areas of Teterboro city so there are noise abatement procedures, a curfew, and a weight limit of 100,000 pounds. Five fixed base operators (FBOs) are located in Teterboro Airport, some of which double as charter operators, presenting many great options to private jet clients who are headed to the metro area.

Westchester County Airport

White Plains airport is the second most popular for private aviation. It is located in northern Westchester County so the easiest route into New York city from this private airport is Hutchinson Parkway. This makes the city easily accessible from Westchester County Airport, making it preferable to private jet passengers.

Although KHPN has a commercial terminal, most of the airport consists of the reputable FBOs and even private hangars. While it is one of the commercial airports on the East Coast, it is safe to say that private jet users still have the upper hand here at White Plains.

Farmingdale Airport (FRG)

FRG is along Highway 111 or east of New York City and almost at Long Island. Thanks to its convenient location, it is most favored by New York residents who take private jets to get home to the eastern boroughs. This is an executive airport so operators can execute quicker take-off and landing for the many private jet flyers.

There are a number of FBOs home to Farmingdale Airport, as well as excellent charter operators and two jet length runways. It is satisfying to know that the runways are perpendicular to each other - an important feature that ensures good runway access despite inclement winds and unpredictable weather. This feature can definitely save time for private charter passengers.

Islip Airport

Islip-McArthur airport is likewise on the eastern side of New York City. It is more specifically located along the I 495 corridor. However, Islip is actually a commercial airport. Delays are expected especially during peak season, which may turn away some private charters carrying passengers that are on a tight schedule in New York.

Despite the congestion and air traffic here, Islip has notable facilities too. These include three jet length runways and one turboprop length runway, and three major FBO chains. Your typical private jet charter might not consider landing in Islip or Long Island, but it is actually a great alternative to the popular ones we have previously mentioned. This is also the more affordable choice rather than landing a private jet charter in the East or West Hamptons of New York.

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR/KEWR)

Lastly we have Newark Liberty International Airport which is located in New Jersey. It is conveniently three miles south of downtown NYC and 15 miles away from Teterboro Airport. Also a hub for FedEx and United Airlines, KEWR is one of the major airports of the New York metropolitan area.

It services to almost as many flights as JFK despite being much smaller in size, making it one of the busiest airports in the United States. Private jet charters are very welcome here and EWR can accommodate empty leg flight requests as well. You will find any aircraft from small turboprops to a jumbo jet charter here to cater to private aviation within or outside the United States.

Many factors come into play when choosing where to charter any private aircraft, but the five airports we have mentioned will definitely not disappoint you. New York airports are more advanced than most cities because New York is one of the busiest places in the world! You will surely find commercial traffic, business jets, charter flights, and any sort of aviation here.