How much does a private charter jet in Los Angeles cost?

Los Angeles is definitely a top destination city. It is one of the most exciting places to visit and there is a ton of things to see and do. In the last few years, Los Angeles has risen to fame thanks to the booming entertainment industry. Celebrities, models, and stars of all sorts are part of the vibrant LA culture that many want to experience for themselves.

Whether you are visiting Malibu Blvd, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, or Rodeo Drive, a trip to Los Angeles will never bore you! There is always something new and different to do each time. You will also notice that LA is always full of people who are out and about. It is teeming with tourists and locals alike hence Los Angeles International Airport or LAX is one of the busiest airports in the United States. So who are the usual people that fly in and out of LA - and how do they do it?

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Celebrities and Influencers

First of all, we obviously have the celebrities and stars who frequently fly to LA. There are many headquarters here for production houses, magazines, film companies, you name it. Business opportunities are overflowing so many of them definitely travel here for work.

Hundreds of them live in the city of angels, too. Of course there is a range of residential places starting from condominiums up until the large private mansions. Some celebrities live in the heart of LA like Beverly Hills and some prefer the quiet privacy of the Valley. But one thing remains constant - they are LA-based!

Athletes and Fitness Icons

This is another popular demographic in Los Angeles and you will never miss it. Athletes of all sorts train here and some of them are the renowned Olympic champions. Dance studios, gyms, and fitness hubs in this city have impressive facilities too. Equipment and coaches are the best of the best. They have built a very exciting fitness community in LA.

Popular fitness trends were pioneered here, and the most recent one is cycling classes. You may have heard of this all over social media because it was such a big hit which led to cycling studios popping up all over the United States! All sorts of people sign up and fly to LA just for this.

Famous Personalities in the Entertainment Industry

Aside from the sports icons, we have the LA creatives too. If you are looking at the fashion industry, you will surely spot models, photographers, designers, and stylists of all sorts. Creative and business opportunities are overflowing in the city of angels so there is always a ton of work happening here.

And how can we forget Hollywood? Many directors, producers, scriptwriters, and actors are based in LA for cinema. You will surely come across a shoot if you visit the more popular places or pass by a famous landmark.

Los Angeles has a ton of picturesque places - from the sandy beaches, mountain hikes, shopping districts, and high-end restaurants, American and international creatives are flying in out of LA to shoot in these locations.

You may be wondering - how do they jet in and out of Los Angeles? Of course commercial flights within the United States is one way to go about it. This is the cheapest and easiest aviation route which is accessible to anyone with a passport and visa. Flight costs are relatively affordable and there are straight flights into LA from many airports all over the world, making it very convenient.

But with high-profile personalities or VIPs who run tight schedules, commercial flights are not the way to go. They often want private aircraft options if they are avoiding the public spotlight - which is obviously inevitable.

In the famous city of Los Angeles CA, paparazzi is teething. Even before a VIP steps off their aircraft you will find there are paparazzo waiting for them at the airport already. Any secret projects or trips would be spoiled right then and there. More often than not, VIP will go the extra mile for some peace and quiet - and sometimes, even luxury.

What is a Los Angeles private jet charter?

Charter flights to this famous destination are definitely more expensive, but it's a price that some people are willing to pay.

The general cost for a private jet charter is 1,200 to 10,000 US dollars per billable flight hour. This can be any aircraft from a small turbopop to a luxury business jet, and we will give you the category and pricing of the usual private jet charters that you may hire. Aside from the type of aircraft, there are several other factors which affect the prices for a Los Angeles private jet.

How much does a private charter jet to Los Angeles cost?

Los Angeles private jet charters vary a lot in terms of aircraft type. We will give you the rundown for each major category of private jets so you know the ballpark of costs.

  1. Turboprop: 6 to 8 passenger capacity with an hourly rate of 1,200 to 1,800 USD.
  2. Very Light Jet: 4 to 5 passenger capacity with an hourly rate of 1,500 to 2,250 USD.
  3. Light Jet: 6 to 8 passenger capacity with an hourly rate of 2,200 to 3,000 USD.
  4. Midsize Jets: 7 to 9 passenger capacity with an hourly rate of 2,800 to 3,800 USD.
  5. Supermidsize Jet: 8 to 10 passenger capacity with an hourly rate of 3,800 to 5,000 USD.
  6. Heavy Jet: 10 to 16 passenger capacity with an hourly rate of 5,000 to 8,000 USD.

Some ambassadors, politicians, celebrities, and VIP actually do not maximize the passenger capacity but they opt for charter flight that is easily available, comfortable, and fast. They may also prefer one that has high-end service with a specially trained cabin crew for a truly luxurious and safe experience.

Now these are just hourly rates for renting a private aircraft. There are many other factors which affect the price of private charter flights to Los Angeles, such as:

  • billable flight time charge: hourly aircraft rate and number of flying hours
  • crew fees: daily salary, hotel fees, meals, and crew insurance
  • fuel surcharge: cost of fuel, distance flown, and type of private aircraft used
  • handling fees: airport services and type of private plane used
  • Federal Excise Tax (FET): domestic flights are taxed 7.5% on top of all charges

The billable flight time charge is the most expensive component of renting a private jet charter to Los Angeles. It is based on an hourly rate which is paid by the owner of the private aircraft - so the renter has to compensate by flying for a minimum number of hours.

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How do they determine the cost of the billable flight time for a Los Angeles jet charter?

Billable flight time is the time in the air plus the additional repositioning fees or daily minimum flight time adjustments, based on the definition by EVOJETS. You may try the cost calculator online to get the quotation for your private jet flights to LA as well.

Usually the daily minimum is two hours in the air - so this will be added if your private jet is in the air for less than two hours.

Why do people opt to charter a private jet to Los Angeles?

There are definitely many reasons to choose private charter services, instead of the usual United States airlines for commercial use. You do not have to be a celebrity to avail of an air charter which will take you directly to the any airport Los Angeles has in its large vicinity. The Bob Hope Airport and Van Nuys Airport are two great choices available for anyone.

Deciding on which charter company to hire for your private aviation trip can be exciting because of the features of private jets. Each has their own set of add-ons which make your private jet charter to Los Angeles CA very relaxing, smooth, and enjoyable - a far cry from the stressful experiences we often have with commercial flights. Once you land in LA, of course you are now free to enjoy the many features of this hustling and bustling city on the West Coast.