What are charter cards and how do I get one?

We can all agree that 2020 has been pretty eventful for all of us. Being stuck inside our homes for months on end, travelling may be something we've been yearning for lately. What else is there to do when you are isolated at home other than daydream about the next destination we wish to travel to? If you are like one of us, welcome to the club! We have a full list of beautiful countries to fly to or cities to drive to.

The only problem is that we can't. It sure is frustrating, we understand. Going outside is a risk, not only are you exposing yourself to a virus which can easily spread, but you are also required to follow safety protocols that are quite a hassle, considering going outside is something we do to feel normal. Despite that, we know you are yearning to go outside. What if we told you that there are ways to go around the system? What if we told you that you can travel safely?

During a time like this, travelling can be dangerous. Trains, buses, aeroplanes. No matter what form of public transportation, you are still at risk. Private jets are a great alternative to go travelling. You may think this form of transportation is expensive, but if you want to travel with a peace of mind, a private aircraft is your best bet. Who says the rich and famous are the only ones who can travel premium. With private jet cards, they offer benefits that is a bang for your buck. This article will change your perception of a private jet because this type of transportation is not only safe, but it also offers guaranteed availability no matter the time or date you wish to travel.

What are jet cards?

Private travel is incredibly easy. If you just want a safe, and private way of flying or if you fly more than 20 hours a year, maybe it's time to consider booking a charter flight. When people think of a private jet charter, they might think of it as something only the rich and famous can afford, but through jet cards, it is actually quite affordable. If you are interested but have no knowledge about private aviation, this article will serve as a guide for you. Private jet companies always guarantee a straight forward process. Typically, these companies offer options; a charter membership, jet card or fractional ownership. These options are available so that a client may have options depending on what they are looking for.

Charter membership is very similar to a country club membership. Once you've signed up for charter membership, you are guaranteed access to charter flights, with just 24-hours notice required for each flight. A jet card, on the other hand, is when bulk purchases flights in increments, typically 25 hours at a time. Having private jet cards always have an advantage. Compared to a charter membership where you are only allowed an older or less diverse fleet of aircraft, with a jet card you have the option of picking whichever aircraft you prefer. Lastly, fractional ownership is what it says it is. This offer leans more on the pricier side due to the benefits this option may offer. Fractional ownership offers a client ownership of a part of the aircraft, as well as other benefits such as; worrying about hiring pilots, training, maintenance, hangar storage, insurance, catering and any additional services, which are taken care of by the operator.

How do I get a charter card?

Applying for a private charter card is incredibly easy. There are many charter companies or jet card providers that offer different types of benefits, and it depends on you, the client, which one fits best for you. We find that with Velocity Jets, you get not only an affordable private jet charter card but also benefits that are worth every penny. Benefits include fractional ownership without the upfront investment, responsibilities, rigid scheduling, and exit fees that come with selling your fractional share.

A card program from Velocity Jets guarantees the following: simple and competitive "all-in" hourly rates per aircraft class, a guarantee to availability with no peak travel time surcharges, your choice of travel on a light, midsize, super-mid or large cabin aircraft in a by-trip basis with no interchange fees. This means that you can purchase a fixed hourly rate and use them whenever you want in a span of 2 years. Other benefits include no ground hold fees, your preferred departure time, no cancellation fees, a 100% refund, no overnight fees. no peak time travel surcharge, and lastly, a personalized program built around your travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations and aircraft preference.

Getting a jet charter card is easy. All you need to do is go to the Velocity Jets site and request a jet card by filling up the information needed. Simply purchase fixed hourly rates of 25 to 50 hours of flight time and gain immediate access to a wide variety of private jets such as light, mid, super-mid and large-cabin aircraft. Not only can you request a private jet card online, but Velocity Jets also offers a more straightforward option that gives you the ability to book you private jet travel with one call, which is great for one-way trips when you are on a rush.