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Boutique-Style Jet Card Program

Boutique-Style Jet Card Program

One Size Does Not Fit All In Private Aviation

When it comes to private aviation, there are numerous companies out there to choose from. Anyone that does a Google Search can see that. What you will find is that there are numerous large and well-known jet charter company options, for example Net Jets (which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway), Sentient, or XOJet. They seem to clobber the market space… or so you would think.

When it comes to private travel, more and more frequent flyers are looking for a personalized approach to air travel. In 2015, there is an increasing number of younger flyers who are interested in taking their families, pets and other loved ones aboard. The NEW Private Aviation customer is not interested in limitations to their travels and certainly does not like the idea of accruing additional fees or upcharges for things like aircraft choice, repositioning, management, etc. What are they are interested in is Luxury Air Travel with finesse and a personal touch.

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A Boutique-Style Worldwide Aircraft Charter Company

Velocity Jets was founded in 2006 by Patrick Harris and Jessica Osterneck. This worldwide aircraft charter company offers a range of services for Charter Flights including a private Jet Card membership, aircraft sales, and management. You may be thinking, “So does every other private aviation company”, and you’d be right. Their service offering is not what sets Velocity Jets apart from the rest.

The experienced industry specialists at Velocity Jets ensure premium service that is customized to fit your individual aviation needsand they mean it. Patrick Harris, Co-Founder of Velocity Jets, states: “The Velocity Jet Card program is built from the ground up on a per client basis; everyone’s needs are different, one size does not fit all in private aviation,” states Harris. This can not be said for other larger private aviation companies, where your financial commitment is one of thousands instead of one of hundreds.

Sherpa Report released an article comparing Velocity Jets’ Jet Card offering to that of other leading private aviation companies. Guess who far surpassed their competition in terms of additional accrued fees?  This report is a little out of date as Velocity Jets now only requires only 24hrs for Jet Card member air travels, but it still clearly depicts that Velocity Jets Jet Card members do not get charged any additional fees for things like repositioning, overnight travels, fuel surcharges, management fees, one-way pricing, aircraft upgrades, etc.

For Velocity Jets, the most sought after Jet Card is within their customized jet card program, with the most popular size priced at $250K. “Since we’re a smaller boutique-style company, we can offer jet cards at smaller quantities than our competitors. We have done jet cards for as low as $100K. Our customers still get the same service, just with a smaller up-front commitment”, says Jessica Osterneck, Co-Founder of Velocity Jets.

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Sought-After Service

When you fly private, regardless of with 1-2 others or with a group of 10, you’re looking for great customer service and ease of travel. Velocity Jets offers that to every Jet Card member. From the moment you set an inquiry for travel on or on the phone 866-575-5387, the team at Velocity Jets goes to work for you.

We work very hard to keep the cost for the flights the lowest they possibly can be for our customers”, says Osterneck. “We look into things like empty leg flights as an option or even booking two one-way flights to save our customers time, hassle and money”.

Recently, Velocity Jets chartered a flight to a concert in Kentucky from New York for a frequent flyer. The flight falls technically under Velocity Jets’ 2hr minimum one-way (barely). Although they would still be charged for 2hrs of flight one-way, Velocity Jets’ speed of reservation, ease of air travel, and overall customer service was the deciding factor in the flyer’s continued choice of Velocity Jets’ Jet Card Program. In addition to their flight, Velocity Jets also acquired the tickets to the concert, the limo service to and from, and found a one-way flight to and from the concert to keep down the overall cost.

At-Cost Concierge

Anytime a Velocity Jets Jet Card Member travels, any service outside of the flight program is done at cost. Yes, you read that right. Any member of the Velocity Jets Jet Card program receives impeccable service that is second to none as well as no additional concierge fees associated with their travel. This includes, limo service, car rental, attractions set-up, and anything else their customer may require for their travels.

At Velocity Jets, they really aim to get to know their customers. “We really are a family here [at Velocity Jets]”, says Osterneck. “I get to know my frequent flyers very well and even get Christmas cards years later! For some of our flyers, I know to set up a limo service to and from the airport without request or, for example, that one of our frequent flyers always requests blue M&Ms and a Chocolate Shake before take-off. Our on-board catering, or snack delivery (she chuckles), is always at cost to our Jet Card Members”.

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Complete Privacy

The saying “What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas” is an understatement when it comes to the importance of customer privacy on a chartered flight with Velocity Jets. “We have some really big name celebrities that fly with us very often as well as some high-profile names”, says Osterneck. “We don’t reveal our customer base to anyone and have never done a press release or editorial on our clientele.  Our frequent flyers appreciate the fact that we keep their business discrete.” 

Privacy and the ability to select your fellow travelers are among the most sough-after benefits when you book a private jet. While most pilots are sworn to secrecy about the on-goings of the chartered flight, Velocity Jets sets forth the “unspoken rule” to all aspect privacy- from limo service to flight to drop off- Velocity Jets won’t share your private information, itinerary, or passenger list. So, PARTY ON!

Greater Flexibility

Companies and individuals have come to appreciate the flexibility of Velocity Jets’ aircraft interchange option. For example, if you have 2 people that need to make a 2-hour flight, a light jet is ideal but if you have 10 people that need to go cross country, a heavy jet would be the obvious choice. With a Velocity Jets Jet Card, any member has the flexibility of utilizing the right jet for the mission each and every time, no matter the occupancy of the aircraft.

A recent booking for wedding in the Hamptons* from Miami* is a great example of Velocity Jets’ flexible aircraft options. The itinerary was booked months in advance. The couple traveling knew the wedding was coming up and got in touch with Velocity Jets to reserve their favorite aircraft, a Hawker 800XP jet, for themselves and their two Yorkies. The jet seats 6. Shortly before the wedding, the couple found out that their daughter would be able to make her uncle’s wedding and that her 3 children, nanny, husband would be joining them after all. Jessica received a phone call only 48 hours before the scheduled flight to accommodate all 8 passengers. “It wasn’t a problem”, says Osterneck. “We get these kinds of calls all the time”. Two hours later, all 8 passengers were booked on a Hawker 800XP jet to see Uncle John* tie the knot.

While aircraft choice is an option with other Jet Charter companies, the ease and flexibility Velocity Jets offers is done at no additional cost. In addition, the Velocity Jets Jet Card opens up the entire fleet of aircraft options to their customers, not just those within the category of aircraft with which you own the card.

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Cost Transparency

Patrick Harris says the following about their Jet Card pricing: “Our hourly rates are based on the price of fuel so if the price drops, so do our hourly rates. Recently, we have noticed a rise in the cost of jet fuel again, this is a good time to buy a jet card and lock in those hourly rates while they are still low.” Jet-A aviation fuel prices have dropped over the year, so have jet card prices, making it even more enticing to buy.

Velocity Jets’s Jet Card Program is different from other confusing aircraft charter membership programs. In Short, it allows you to see exactly what everything will cost before you take off.


A simple equation explains their pricing:

(Hourly Rate X # of em-planed hours) + FET Tax (or international fees, whichever applies)
= Your Price

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