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Cessna 680 Citation Sovereign


3. Super Mid Jets

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Passengers: 9 Passengers
Cruising Speed: 495 mph
Range: 3200 NM
Length:  24.2 Feet
Width: 5’6 Feet
Height: 5’7  Feet
Stand-Up Cabin: Yes
Private Lavatory: Yes
Baggage Capacity: 100 Cubic Feet






The performance is key with this jet, great for longer trips in high elevation areas or taking off on short runways.

The Citation Sovereign by Cessna is designed to provide superior performance while surrounding its passengers in luxury. It’s perfect for longer trips and for traveling to/from airports with high elevations or short runways. The Sovereign’s cabin is over 24 feet long. It can provide up to nine passengers with many of the advantages of a large cabin jet, including a full refreshment center and wifi / entertainment offerings. It has 100 cubic feet of baggage capacity.