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Private Jet Charter to Morristown Airport (MMU)

Private Jet Charter to Morristown Airport (MMU)

A Private Jet Card flight to or from Morristown Airport New Jersey is a breeze.

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A much smaller airport, the Morristown Municipal Airport still bodes a 5999 foot runway, perfect for any private jet, granting access to complete flexibility when it comes to aircraft, arrival, departure, and comfortability. MMU is conveniently located only 3 miles from Morristown’s central business district in Morris County, NJ. Granting a relief to busier airports in the area (such as Tetterboro), MMU offers limited US Customs services, often lower landing fees, less busy aviation traffic, and easy access to central NJ or NYC. Multiple aircraft operators and 2 FBOs are based Morristown. Morristown Airport is also conveniently located on Hwy 24, there it is a viable and easy-to-reach alternative for NYC and local NJ traffic than surrounding airports.
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Available Aircraft for Morristown Airport (MMU) Private Jet Charter

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  • 1. Light jet
  • 2. Mid Jet
  • 3. Super Mid Jets
  • 4. Heavy Jets