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Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card Program

Is the Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card Program really the best Jet Card Program ever?

The Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card is a pre-paid membership that connects our private jet card members to some of the finest services in the industry. A Velocity Jets 25 hour jet card is a simple, flexible way to fly private. Our 25 Hour Jet Card members enjoy all the benefits that come with fractional ownership without the up-front investment, long term responsibilities or rigid scheduling.

What do Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card Members Get?

Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card members are provided with guaranteed pricing and access to aircraft ranging from turbo props to heavy jets. Our 25 Hour Jet Card members only pay for occupied flight hours, not the time spent positioning your plane before or after a flight, unlike with many other jet card companies. Unlike some competitors our 25 Hour Jet Card program is 100% refundable.


Why Choose A Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card?

Simple flexibility and pricing transparency to start! Every Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card member has travel requirements that can be vastly different. As a leader in jet cards, we understand and have designed a 25 Hour Jet Card program personalized to fit.

Benefits of a Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card:
• No reposition fees
• No overnight fees
• No Fuel Surcharges
• No management fees
• Transferable
• ARG/Platinum and Wyvern rated aircraft
• Guaranteed one-way pricing!
• Only 24 hour notice required & No blackout periods
• Velocity Jets Jet Cards can be in any size, starting at $100K
• Utilize Light Mid, Super-Mid, or Heavy jet aircraft without penalty
• 100% refundable at any time for any reason

How’s a 25 Hour Jet Card from Velocity Jets compare?

Velocity Jets affords luxury boutique level service on every trip! Our 25 Hour Jet Card gives you access to over 30 aircraft types! There are never any wait times or ground hold fees and your departure time is always when you request it- no 3+/- flexibility on your part needed!

There are never any cancellation fees, no overnight fees, zero peak travel surcharges and rates are always locked for life of jet card balance!

Our round trip is defined as start & return in 48 hours or less, not start to finish in less than 12hrs like other aircraft companies. Also unlike our competitors, who have tons of fine print and red tape in their Jet Card programs, Velocity Jets’ 25 Hour Jet Card requires only 48hrs notice for Round Trips and 5 days for One-Way Travel.

Our program allows you to see exactly what everything will cost before you take off. Ultimately our goal is to be different from other confusing jet card membership programs. Who wants to deal with unpredictable pricing, high demand time surcharges, hourly fuel surcharges, penalties and cancellation fees, and higher pricing on all hourly rates?

Our program is a simple equation:

(Hourly Rate X # of em-planed hours) + FET Tax (or international fees, whichever applies) = Your Price


The Velocity Jets 25 Hour Jet Card program is PERSONALIZED and built around YOUR travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations, and aircraft preferences. Our 25 Hour Jet Card program is 100% refundable with no cancellation fees.

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