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Private Aviation isn’t just for Business travelers anymore!

Private Aviation Isn’t Just For Business Travelers Anymore!

With some private aviation companies claiming that more than 80% of their customers actually fly private for personal reasons, what is giving way to such an increase in personal, affordable, private travel?

Welcome to the era of the
Private Aviation Jet Card!

The Jet Card has made it acceptable and affordable for anyone with the ability to prepay $100K+ deposit to fly private. The justification comes, of course, with a higher level of luxury. When you fly private you don’t just get the flight. Many private aviation companies offer a concierge service, transportation to and from, and/or on-board meals or snacks (champagne is also often a popular offering).

Let’s weigh the cost, shall we? 

When it comes to flying, flights get expensive, especially when you have a larger party or when your flight get canceled and you need accommodations for however many (time after time). Not to mention, the comparison of a jet card versus fractional ownership (which is upwards for $500K, not including maintenance, storage, etc. fees).

A Jet Card allows for flexibility and consistency for flexibility and guaranteed pricing. While many other private aviation companies may charge you a fees for every little thing, the Velocity Jets Jet Card does not charge any additional fees– no repositioning fees, overnight fees, fuel surcharges, or management fees. In addition, there are no black-out periods (how many airlines or flight offerings can say that?). The jet card is completely transferable, meaning that yes, you can give your mother-in-law a flight to Sparkling Hills Resort for her birthday or throw your buddy a bachelor party to Las Vegas! With a required only 24hr notice*, the Velocity Jets Jet Card also guarantees one-way pricing and is 100% refundable.

That aside, consider the comparison between other flight options and a Jet Card.

x Ridged Scheduling

Only with a Jet Card will travelers really get the flexibility they are looking for. Commercial airliners only fly at scheduled times- so that’s not an option for a last- minute unplanned trip- not unless you want to pay an astronomical price for a flight and happen to be ready to go within their scheduled time slot. With fractional ownership, your aircraft may or may not be available where you want it to be when you want to fly it. Fractional ownership happens to also come with the “*” of scheduling your travel. With a Jet Card, you are able to leave when and go to where ever you want.

X Guaranteed Pricing

The Price you see if the price you get with a Velocity Jets Jet Card. Our quoted price is based on a simple math equation, not surcharges or convenience factors. Not to mention, Velocity Jets Jet Card members only pay for occupied flight hours.

X Long Term Commitment & Responsibilities

Do we need to mention the cost of fractional ownership again? We thought not. Although it is an important factor the increase in Jet Card Interest. Due to the cost, many new travelers are interested in more affordable options for travel, private flight particularly. There has been an increase in the amount of millionaires and billionaires over the last couple of years who can afford to own their own private plane, but choose not to. Let’s face it- they are millionaires because they are good with money, right? A Jet Card offers them the option to fly private without the hassle of owning, maintaining and the financial commitment associated with fractional ownership.

X Aircraft Flexibility

In addition to all the above mentioned, with fractional ownership you own part of one aircraft, which may or may not always suite your specific needs. With a Velocity Jets Jet Card, you can Utilize Light Mid, Super-Mid, or Heavy jet aircraft without penalty


The disinterest in the above factors, and the upswing of the US economy has given way to a new type of private aviation traveler- and they travel for fun!

New Trends by the
NEW Private Aviation Traveler

With the influx of new personal travelers seeking private aviation services, comes an increase in new interests for private aviation companies to assist with.

Upswing in “Experience Vacations”

Rather than spending their vacations shopping for new clothes in St. Martin or Milan, many private aviation customers are seeking something less bling and are leaning more towards grand adventures. Places like Indonesia or Bali are of specific interest to private aviation adventure seekers. Discovering the hidden and unfamiliar is a trend here to stay amongst private aviation flyers in 2015 and beyond!

Experience Vacations with Velocity Jets Jet Card

Local Culture Emersion

A massive interest shift towards a more local feel and experience when visiting a new place has certainly been of interest in private aviation travel. Instead of booking stays in Hiltons or Double Trees, private aviation customers are opting to use options such as to rent full houses or lofts at their ideal vacation spot. This allows them to interact more with the culture and the people within the community, granting more insight directly into how the locals of that specific area really live.

New Technology Use

The new luxury private aviation travelers are closely linked to the most popular technology trends. Due to this, there has been and will continue to be a large shift in how, when, and where private aviation bookings will take place. While vacationers have certainly planned out certain aspects of their trips on smartphones for the last decade, the methods in 2015 and beyond will not only be limited to devices these travelers hold in their hand. Private aviation travel will continue to be booked on smart phones, but in 2015 and beyond, the use of apps and smartwatches will advance private aviation reservations to where they have never been before.


Hobby Trips

Not surprisingly, many private aviation flights are to popular travel destinations such as Hawaii or Aruba. The shift in 2015 and in the years to follow will be why. Many new private aviation travelers are interested in pushing their hobbies to new levels. Much of what was considered to be risky behavior (sky diving, monsoon surfing, mountain climbing, or even scuba diving), is now considered within the realm of possibility for private aviation travelers.

Younger Travelers and Families

Private jet luxury travel isn’t just for retirees or the super wealthy anymore, so inevitably, the door for jet charter traveling is opened to those affluent travelers between the ages of 40 and 55. This age range has dramatically increased in prior years and will continue to skyrocket.  Within this age range, more well-off families in their 30s and 40s are planning vacation and adventure trips with their young children. Why? Simple. The love of travel is not only tied to a couple- they want their children to experience the world along with them.

The Welcoming of “Pawsengers”

It comes to no surprise, that the new private aviation traveler, while taking their families aboard, would also have an interested interest in flying with their pets. Commercial airliners make it nearly impossible, and completely uncomfortable for Fido to take a plane ride across the Atlantic. Although travel documents for pets are still very much a reality, as they are for people, flying private allows pet lovers the ability to join their owners on board, no matter their breed or size.

Student University Tours

While it may seem unreasonable for many occasional flyers, the private aviation industry has seen an increase in the interest to travel to many top cities in the nation to scout out universities. Private aviation travel makes it easier for parents to fly alongside their children on their quest to seek out higher education, visit a multitude of schools at once, and ultimate offers many benefits to university-bound travelers in today’s complicated world.  The on-demand aircraft charter gives them the freedom and flexibility to schedule their trip around their needs and ultimately their educational destinations.

To Move, To Breathe,
TO FLY, To Float,
to gain all while you give, to roam the roads of land remote,
– Hans Christian Anderson