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Jet Card vs Competition

Jet Card Program VS. The Competition

Every Jet Card member has travel requirements that are different. Velocity Jets understands that and has designed a Jet Card program personalized to fit each members needs. Unlike the competition, Velocity Jets program is no hassle, straightforward, and refundable. We assure boutique level of service on every trip.

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Velocity Jets


  • Preferred aircraft only
  • No ground hold or wait time fees
  • Departure time is when you request it
  • No cancellation fees, 100% refundable
  • Super mid jet option with guaranteed one-way pricing
  • Fuel surcharge included in hourly rates
  • No overnight fees
  • No peak travel surcharge
  • One PERSONALIZED program built around your travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations and aircraft preferences.
  • Over 31 aircraft types to choose from!
  • A Simple & straightforward program, its the hourly rate multiplied by the number of emplaned hours plus FET tax or international fees, which ever applies.
  • 48 hour notice required for Round Trip itineraries, 5 days required for One-Way itineraries
  • A Velocity Jets Round trip is defined as start & return in 48 hours or less.
  • Rates are locked for life of jet card balance
  • Safe secure funds
  • Special Catering and car services are arranged by us and billed to you at the actual cost.

The Competition


  • Preferred & select aircraft
  • Wait time and ground holds charged for anything over 60 minutes
  • Departure time must be flexible by 3+- hours
  • Penalties for cancellation of the card
  • No super mid jets
  • 5% fuel surcharge is in addition to hourly rates
  • Overnight fees on all flights that apply
  • Peak travel surcharges of 5% per hour in addition to all other surcharges.
  • Different program levels
  • Limited aircraft to choose from (some programs, only offer 3 aircraft)
  • Confusing programs, unpredictable pricing, high demand time surcharges, hourly fuel surcharges, penalties and cancelation fees, higher pricing applies to all of the hourly rates.
  • Fine print and red tape in every jet card program we analyzed, some programs even require a 5 day notice for any itinerary.
  • Competitors Round trip is defined as start & return in 12 hours or less
  • Rates adjust upward at least twice a year.
  • Hourly surcharge applies to additional hours used over your initial balance or hour allotment.
  • All program attributes are subject to change