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Velocity Jets Jet Card Compared to Other Options

Velocity Jets Jet Card Compared to Other Options

The travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in the United States. According to statista, business travel contributed up to $274.7 billion in 2013 – 29.2% of all travel and tourism. Although this may seem high, it’s only estimated to increase within the years to come as domestic business trips are predicted to reach 480.5 million by 2016 – and more business travel means more business travel spending.

When it comes to business travel, the amount of funds allocated towards flights alone is staggering to say the least. According to the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS), US Travelers account for more than 405 million long-distance business trips per year, which puts spending on air travel in the Trillions of US dollars.

What does this mean for the slightly more than average air traveler? In short, “Big Bucks”. Travel costs increase when you travel more. Many companies and individuals are looking for solutions to bring down the cost of air travel among their avid-flyers. These options include fractional ownership, leasing of aircraft and a number of various other options, including jet cards.

What is the best choice for me?

When considering the best solution for your air travel needs, there are a couple of questions to ask yourself.


  • How many hours of usage do I need?
  • How much money am I comfortable putting down upfront?
  • How long of a commitment am I interested in?
  • Is my budget flexible enough for fluctuating rates?
  • Do I know which aircraft I want/need to fly each trip? To/From Each Trip?

Some of these questions might seem vague but they are the overlying questions when it comes to selecting the right type of investment for your air travel circumstances. Why? For one, fractional ownership may work for your needs if you are committed to a specific aircraft. If you know that you will only be traveling along or with 2-3 others, for example. If your needs vary, fractional ownership, for example, may not be the best choice. In addition, fractional ownership is exactly as it sounds, you own part of an aircraft. This means that you are also part responsible for the aircraft maintenance, fees, and risk.

You Say “Save Me Money”- I say "Get a Velocity Jets Jet Card”!

Get A Velocity Jets Jet Card Today!

What is a Velocity Jets Jet card?

Velocity Jets Jet Card members enjoy all the benefits that come with fractional ownership without the up-front investment, long term responsibilities or rigid scheduling.


The Velocity Jet Card program offers its
members a simple, flexible way to fly private.

We provide our members with guaranteed pricing and access to aircraft ranging from turbo props to heavy jets. Velocity Jets Jet Card members only pay for occupied flight hours, not the time spent positioning your plane before or after a flight.

Tell me More About Velocity Jets

Velocity Jets’ range of services for Charter Jet Flights includes private jet membership, aircraft sales, and management and worldwide aircraft charter. Our team ensures premium service from experienced industry specialists customized to fit your individual aviation needs.

Velocity Jets does not own or operate any aircraft, which enables us to recommend the best aircraft available each and every time. We take great pride in providing the best value by identifying the best aircraft for every mission. All operators utilized are FAA Part 135 operators required to adhere to safety requirements set forth by Argus/US and Wyvern, the two leading 3rd party air safety auditing firms in the country.  Providing the safest and most experienced aircraft and flight crews at the best rates is what sets Velocity Jets apart from the rest.

Advantages of a Velocity Jets Jet Card Membership

Cost Effective

One of the most obvious advantages to going with a Velocity Jets Card Membership is that of cost. Compared to options like fractional prepaid cards or fractional aircraft ownership, jet charters are more cost effective. In addition, when you compile the cost of air travel for you, your employees, contractors, etc., it may be worth the investment without question.
The graph to the right depicts the average cost of a flight (booked in advance) both internationally and domestically. How many individuals do you have flying?

The costs of chartering vary depending on aircraft, geographical location, time of the year, time of booking and service provider. According to Sherpa Report, some example price ranges per flight hour are:

  • Turboprop        $1,100 – $1,450
  • Light Jet           $1,900 – $2,500
  • Mid Jet             $2,600 – $3,700
  • Super-Mid Jet   $3,500 – $5,500
  • Heavy Jet         $4,300 – $7,800

Guaranteed Availability

When you hold a Velocity Jets Jet Card, you are given a 365 day guaranteed availability, typically on 12 hours notice. This means, you wont need to compete with fractional owners for the use of the fractional fleet.

Choice of Aircraft

You can easily upgrade, downgrade or book different sized aircraft depending on your needs. With fractional ownership, you own part of one specific aircraft.

With a network of over 5,500 jets worldwide, Velocity Jets can offer you an extensive variety of aircraft. At Velocity Jets we will utilize our experience to make sure that you fly on the appropriate aircraft, based on size, distance of your trip, and amenities desired. Velocity Jets customizes charter flights to suit your individual needs.

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No Hassle Negotiating Required

If you or your company charter aircraft several times a year, a velocity jets jet card can save you the hassle of finding a plane and negotiating rates each time you want to fly.

When you consider the cost of a flight over time and the variability each flight has, knowing that a Velocity Jets Jet Card’s cost of flight remains the same is reassuring.

Safety First

It is common that with many jet charter companies the safety standards are variable and the age of fleets is higher than that of comparable fractional fleets. However, with a Velocity Jets Jet Card, You can rest-assure that all aircraft and flight operators utilized are regulated by rigorous FAA Part 135 guidelines. Our Safety Standards and your well-being are our priority. As a Velocity Jets’ client, you fly knowing you are being taken care of by qualified pilots and the safest, most reliable operations in the industry.

In addition, Velocity Jets qualifies each aircraft and operator based on the following criteria:
– Incident-Free Safety Records
– Maintenance Standards & Aircraft Record-keeping
– Avionics & FAA Part 135 Compliance
– Director of Maintenance Experience
– Pilot Training & Qualifications
– Aircraft Age & Maintenance History
– Aircraft Paint/Interior Quality & Condition

ARG/US International performs on-site safety audits. Brokers who subscribe have access to the Charter Evaluation and Qualification (CHEQ) reports, which reviews the safety records of US-based charter operators.

Wyvern conducts on-site safety audits of a charter company’s operations, aircraft, maintenance and crew. Wyvern Authorized Brokers have direct access to the Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (PASS) report for the charter company selected for your flight and can provide you with a (PASS) certificate.

Save Time When You Travel

As a Velocity Jets Jet Card Member, you can go where you want, whenever you decide you want to go! In addition, when you fly with Velocity Jets, your flight and preparations will require less time than if you had taken a commercial flight. Consider this, when you travel commercially, the FAA request 90 minute prior to departure arrivals and the average post flight for baggage is 30 minutes. When you travel with your Velocity Jets Jet Card and on one of our private jet charters, you control takeoff and your bags are stowed with you. In addition, a jet charter flight with Velocity Jets takes a fraction of the time it would commercially.

When does it make sense for me to get a Velocity Jets Jet Card?

When your travel is more than 250 miles and when you travel it by air. With a Velocity Jets Jet Card, There’s no long-term commitment!

The Velocity Jets Jet Card primarily benefits people who do not fly a fixed number of hours every year. Our card provides flexibility when you need it as well as many other benefits. These include no long term contracts and no monthly management fees. With the Velocity Jets Jet Card, you can maximize your productivity without tying up large capital amounts in executive aircraft (and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it looks great to fly in a private plane!).

We provide our members with guaranteed pricing and access to aircraft ranging from turbo props to heavy jets. Velocity Jet Card members only pay for occupied flight hours, not the time spent positioning your plane before or after a flight. Our private aviation experts can tell you more about the advantages of becoming a Velocity Jet Card Member, and discuss the programs or services that best suit your needs.

Benefits of the Velocity Jet Card:

  • No reposition fees
  • No overnight fees
  • No Fuel Surcharges
  • No management fees
  • Transferrable
  • ARG/Platinum and Wyvern rated aircraft
  • Guaranteed one-way pricing!
  • Only 24 hour notice required
  • No black out periods
  • Jet Card can be in any size, starting at $100K
  • Utilize Light Mid, Super-Mid, or Heavy jet aircraft without penalty
  • 100% refundable at any time for any reason

What does a Velocity Jets Jet Card Membership look like?

Velocity Jets affords luxury boutique level service on every trip! Our Jet Card gives you access to over 30 aircraft types! There are never any wait times or ground hold fees and your departure time is always when you request it- no 3+/- flexibility on your part needed!

There are never any cancellation fees, no overnight fees, zero peak travel surcharges and rates are always locked for life of jet card balance!

Our round trip is defined as start & return in 48 hours or less, not start to finish in less than 12hrs like other aircraft charter companies. Also unlike our competitors, who have tons of fine print and red tape in their Jet Card programs, Velocity Jets’ Jet Card requires only 48hrs notice for Round Trips and 5 days for One-Way Travel.

Our program allows you to see exactly what everything will cost before you take off. Ultimately our goal is to be different from other confusing aircraft charter membership programs. Who wants to deal with unpredictable pricing, high demand time surcharges, hourly fuel surcharges, penalties and cancellation fees, and higher pricing on all hourly rates?


Our program is a simple equation:
(Hourly Rate X # of em-planed hours) + FET Tax (or international fees, whichever applies) = Your Price

The Velocity Jets Jet Card program is PERSONALIZED and built around YOUR travel requests, patterns, frequently visited destinations, and aircraft preferences. Our Jet Card program is 100% refundable with no cancellation fees.

How does the Velocity Jets Jet Card stack up against its competition?

When it comes to jet card options, there are a multitude of options. Many company’s offer generally the same things while some are vastly out performed. The Velocity Jets Jet Card Program is one of the leading jet card options available to the open market. When you are a Velocity Jets Jet Card Member, you get to know both our aircraft options as well as our crew.

Our Velocity Jets Jet Card programs offers empty leg/roundtrip discounts, peak and off-peak rates, use of multiple aircraft models with no interchange fee and refundable deposits instead of a “use it or lose it” policy on pre-purchased flight time.

Here is a breakdown of two other leading jet cards in comparison to Velocity Jet’s Jet Card:


Marquis Jet Card Sentient Jet Card Velocity Jet Card
Deposit Card Cost $119,900 for 25 hours on Hawker 400XP $110,450 for light jet Select 25-Hour card; $150,000 for Sentient Jet Card $125K+
Min. Commitment 25Hrs over 12-36 Months 25Hrs No Long Term Commitment
Aircraft Types Light, Midsize, Large Light, midsize, super-midsize & large-cabin jets Light jet, Mid Jet, Super Mid Jet, Heavy Jet *Over 5,500 Jets Worldwide!
Aircraft Exchange DOWNGRADES GUARANTEED (Except on peak period days)
Upgrades subject to availability
Un-Disclosed Included with Card
Notice Required 10hrs Un-Disclosed 48hrs, preferred
Refund Policy Pay As You Go; Cancellation Fees Not Refundable 100% Refundable; No Cancellation Fees

To learn more about the program call:

866-575-JETS FREE (5387)